One Cup of Flour- cookbook features 

101 introspective flour recipes ranging from roux, pasta, cookies, cake, and bread. The idea to systematically reduce each recipe down so they all have only one cup of flour allows the reader to see the ingredients, compared to other recipes and understand their given effect on the recipe. 

The 101 Recipes Include: 

Roux, Pie Crust, Hot Water Pie Crust, Cream Cheese Crust, Puff Pastry, Starter-Poolish, Potato -Starter, Streusel, 

Waffle Cone, Cracker, Lavosh, Tortillas, Pecorino Cracker, Pasta, Egg Noodle, Pretzel, Bagel, White Bread, Foccacia, 

French Bread Sticks, Baguette, Anadema, Naan, Pita Pocket, Brioche, Croissant, Flatbread, Ciabatta, Pueblo Bread, 

Deep Dish Pizza, Sour Dough, Whole Wheat Bread, English Muffin, Stollen, Noisy Bread, Cinnamon Bread, Blini, 

Cornell Bread, Pumpernickle, Doughnut, French Crullers, Malasada, Beignets, Apple Fritter, Won Ton, Tempura, 

Beer Batter, Fried Onion, Pancake, Crepe, Finnish Pancake, Waffle, Crumpet, Chocolate Molten Cake, White Cake, 

Texas Sheet Cake, Sponge Cake, Chocolate Cake, Coffee Cake, Pound Cake, Mystery Cake, Carrot Cake, Rock Cake, 

Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake, Mockingbird Cake, Chocolate Mochi, Pumpkin Mochi, Brownie, Blondie, 

Gluten-Free Coconut Brownie, Muffins, Profiterole, Popovers, Ã‰clairs, Scones, Mango Bread, Corn Bread, Beer Bread, 

Ships Biscuit, Buttermilk Biscuit, Sally Lunn, Shortcake, Chocolate Ice Cream Bread, Monkey Bread, Apple Drops, 

Petite Four, ShortBread, Sugar Cookie, Peanut Butter Cookie, Oatmeal Cookie, Florentine, Coconut Bars, 

Russian Tea Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Ginger Bread, Ginger Snap, Pfeffernusse, Snicker-doodle, Tea Wafer, 

Biscotti, Sable Dough