Delicious homemade goodness

Chef Benjamin Freeman Prichard has been cooking professionally for over 20 years. He documented his experience through hundreds of evolving recipes that excited him. The search for ever healthier, more delicious food never ends for Benjamin.

In 2015, he published his first cookbook/ knife skills manual, 101 Ways to Cut a Potato, and will soon release his second full-length cookbook, One Cup of Flour. Followed by his full catalog of Noisy Food- Hot and Cold.  

Noisy Food is his original style of cooking. Noisy Food incorporates scratch cooking, unique ingredients, innovative cuts, fermented foods, and slow cooking techniques. A few of Benjamin's favorite ingredients include alcohol, chocolate, and coffee! 

In 2020, Benjamin and his family started a legacy garden and orchard project to provide for his fellow community for years to come. He considers himself a caretaker for the land, a permaculture advocate and a steward of conservation efforts. He has since established a fruit stand and exchange program to make food accessible to those in need.  

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