Since 2011

Noisy Food Menu

*Noisy Food Cruise is a feature film script I wrote in 2013.

Purified Alkalanized Water

Hot Herbal Tea

Grissini Lavender Bread Sticks

Avocado Butter White Balsamic Apricot Reduction Puree Hawaiian Red Sea Salt Indian Tellicherry Pepper



Wheat Grass Shot

Rosemary Hens Egg Nog Brandy Cayanne Powdered Sugar Shooter

Siberian Ginseng Kawa Tumeric Elixer

Root Beer Sarsaprilla Sassafras Wild Cherry Wintergreen Ginger

Beet Nutmeg Potato Carrot Juice Cocktail

Bubblegum Basil Tea Tapioca Pearls

Watermelon Lime Juice Margerita Smoothie


Hors D'oeuvre

Toasted Pumpernickle Bread Seafood Butter Red Bell Pepper Black Olive Canape

Sea Urchin Roe Lemon Minced Confit Waterchest Nut

Aligator Kebabs Clementine Cayanne Cilantro Grapeseed Oil Marinate

Ginger Grape Shaved Ice Gazpacho Cucumber Garlic Celery

Chilean Sea Bass Ceviche Lemon Juice Chives Waterchest Nut Poblano Pepper



Mixed Baby Greens Portabella Mushrooms Macadamia Nuts 

Spinach Black Walnut Roquefort Cheese Honey Sherry Vinegarette Salad

Celery Root Carrot Beet Salad Sunflower Seeds Remoulade

Tomato Salad Shallot Stuffed Kalamata Olive Mozzerella Cheese Olive Oil


Main Course

Baked Lobster Blackened Corn Tomato Salsa Stuffing

Roast Pheasant Mandarin Orange Herbal Tea Farfalle Pasta Hoisen Sauce

Aachener Quiche Salami Bell Pepper Onion Guada Articoke Basil Aioli

Leg of Ostreich Acorn Squash Minced Potato Hollandaise Sauce

Bison Tournedo Deviled White Asparagus Diable Sauce

Chocolate Mole Braised Rabbit Rarebit Roast Rhubarb

Beef Wellington Duxelles Kohlrabi Towers Mojo Sauce



Cointreu Flambee

Fine Herb Souffle

Ginger Cayanne Creme Broulee

Black Cherry Lilikoi Compote Sorbet



Espresso, Coffee, Toddy, Hot Chocolate

Black Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea

Mulled Wine


Special Mouthwash and Toothpaste

Noisy Food Cruise

A neurotic, feature film about an avant-garde restaurant built on a private cruise ship that travels the world feeding the rich the most amazing food until the pirates find out about it.